Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal


It's all starting to come together now...

I got my job offer from my games testers - I'll be a POC (Point of Communication), which means I get 7 of my own testers under me to do my bidding. That starts on the 8th. I dunno who I'm working for, nor what game it'll be, nor what system (altho maybe PS3). I also doubt I'll be allowed to tell anyone, certainly not on this website!!

Also narrowed down where I'm going to live. There's a nice place up in Outremont, which has a very neighbourhood-y feel to it, local shops, chilled-out vibe, as opposed to downtown where things are very hectic. I'm going to look at place in about 30 mins, which is the only real challenger... it's closer to downtown, and I think is furnished, but I think it'll have to pretty special to win out over Outremont.

I've now also got my mobile phone activated... damn, it's expensive here, and this is with my own phone... just like the banks the companies screw you in service fees: 7 bucks a month just to have the contract! Are you kidding me? I'm doing you the favour! I guess in the UK competition is so much more cut-throat. Altho' if I take out a 24 month agreement, the fees get waived. I dunno, it may be worth it... just 24 months is a long time (and it's 20 bucks times number of months left as an early cancellation penalty).