Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

More Updates

I know, I know. I said I'd write more often.

So, the past 2 weeks have basically been spent looking for a job... and... I think I've got one. I know I certainly had one.

I'd been pounding the concrete recently, wandering around shopping malls, handing my CVs to managers and so on, and pretty much being spectacularly unsuccesful - working in a cutting-edge electronics research lab doesn't convince many people that you can sell kitchenware. Anyway, it was all getting rather depressing, but I saw an advert on for video games testers and I thought, what the hell. So I wrote to the guy and got a call back the next day to set up an interview. Only problem was it seemed to be playing video games for 8hrs a day for minimum wage, and I didn't know if my sanity could take that.

In the meantime, I got a callback from dear old Canadian Tire, where after explaining to the manager that despite being massively overqualified, I would be happy working in the sports department at minimum wage, he offered me the job. I said I'd think about it and call him back today.

The reason I said today is that I had the interview for the video games tester job - a job I realised is not about testing finished games, but for finding bugs, which actually appeals more. And I'd previously learnt they were hiring 300 people, and so I reckoned there must be some sort of management structure and maybe I could get in above the lowest position.

So, I went to the hotel, was met in the lobby and then taken 'through' to the interview... I expected it to be in a suite upstairs or something, but no, it was a guy with a laptop sitting at a table in the coffee shop. He seemed cool, and we got on, and I was right, there are 2 levels above tester, and he was going to recommend me for a higher position. woohoo! So second interview here we come.

The only downside is that this position wouldn't start until May... so should I start at Canadian Tire to get money? Everyone has told me yes, but I feel bad about being so dishonest. Yes, I know they're a big corporation, hire and fire easily and so on, but I still didn't like the deception. So, I rang the manager, told him what was going on, offered to still work for 6 weeks if he wanted, he of course declined. So officially, I'm back at square 1, but am really pretty excited about this testing jig - ok, so it only lasts 6 months, but it could open a lot of doors.......