Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Swing... and a miss

Went to the bank and went to see the very nice accounts man. He didn't speak much English so I got to dust down my French for the first time in a while. Anyway, basically, he said I couldn't open an account until I had either proof of address or of employment. Which is understandable really. I thought my former account might swing things in my favour, but no luck.

However, we ended up having a nice chat, he was asking me what I was doing in Montreal, and what sort of job I was looking for, and I explained but said I was worried about my French not being good enough. He, in turn, said that my French was good and that I shouldn't worry about that stopping me, and if writing an application in French was tough, it didn't matter if I went to someone and gave them my resume and spoke to them in French. Which was nice.

Anyway, tonight I go and watch hockey at a friend's place... my first NHL hockey for a looooong time.