Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal


Last night the football team held a social night, and we went to have a darts night at the local snooker clube. It was a good laugh, 16 players, a Cup competition and a Plate competition (for those knocked out in the first round of the Cup). I did ok, but was robbed:

I, "Captain Bullseye" as I was known on the oche, lost in the first round of the Cup to "The Gut" but had a barnstorming run in the Plate, knocking out "Dart Maul" and "Bravedart" before my typically slow start in the final against Dan "The Man" caught up with me as "The Man" finished on double top to lift the Plate. And not only did that one dart take the title of "best loser" but also won the highest checkout competition, which I had been leading until that moment.

It's a game of inches, I tell ye!