Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

To summarise

So what HAS been going on in the past...uhhh...6 weeks. Well, in once sense quite a lot. I have:
- been to Canada for Christmas and met the other half's family
- went to Venice for New Year's with my parents and A met my parents
- applied for my 12 month work permit, and am hopefully merely waiting for it to pop through the post (in 4-5 weeks)
- handed in my notice at work: I finish on the last day in February

That's the big news... obviously the last two points have spawned a miriad of minor tasks and I'm going to produce a To Do list so you (and me) can all keep track of what's going on. Of course, I know you guys don't really care that much, but if I go to the effort of making the list, then it'll inspire me to actually knock things off it. Well, that's the theory anyhoo.