Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal


I've spent quite a large portion of the past few days trying to debug A's computer which is now seemingly riddled with worms and viruses. They're proving to be pretty stubborn little buggers. It's hard to find them when they're on your own computer, but to try and fix them remotely without the other person knowing much about computers is a bit of a nightmare. I got rid of most of them by running Anti-virus, Spybot and A-Squared programs, but her computer is still very laggy and being hijacked by various processes.

So, if anyone's had experience of the Windows error window that says "Internet Explorer has encountered a fault and must close" without IE actually being open, let me know.

I'm wondering the following:
- Would uninstalling IE and then reinstalling it be enough... prob do a spyware sweep inbetween?
- can you remote desktop across the internet, or only intranet?