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Ideas for Xmas Gifts: #2 - Sensible Soccer 2 Player Plug 'n' Play

OK, this one I DO want, and this is BEFORE I realised it also came with Cannon Fodder AND Mega-lo-Mania. My only concern is that it's the Megadrive version not the Amiga one....

"Yes indeed, the Sensible Soccer Plug 'n' Play plugs straight into your TV, allowing you to bend and spray the ball within minutes. No consoles or cartridges required! But that's not to say there's no depth to Sensible Soccer. No way Jose; this two-player baby is deeper than a Cantona (or should we say "Iric Centona") press statement because you can take charge of your favourite European club, Highbury, Milano or Manchester in a whole host of cup and league competitions. What's more, each player is skilled in a different department, so Tuny Edams and Frenco Beresi are best at the back while Peul Mirson and Merco Ven Besten will score goals all day for fun.

Sensible Soccer Mega Drive Football fans that we are, we almost forgot to tell you that Sensible Soccer Plug 'n' Play is also preloaded with two other classic games: Cannon Fodder, a brilliantly tense title in which players control a team of commandos and Mega-Lo-Mania, a seriously engrossing game where you assume the role of God (which is nice). And before you say it, no, these aren't 'filler' titles; both games are bona fide classics. In fact along with Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder and Mega-Lo-Mania topped the UK sales charts for over 100 weeks!"

Taken from Firebox