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Ideas for Xmas Gifts: #1

N.B. I don't mean gifts for me specifically - this isn't a wish list - it's just a few novel ideas (maybe, depending on if I find others - and if anyone has any suggestions mail/comment me)

NightStar - a magnetic rechargeable LED torch - £30
Never needs bulbs or batteries and has no parts to wear out. Reliable, compact, tough, waterproof, virtually indestructible and environmentally friendly, a must for anyone who wants the world's most dependable flashlight.

With only one moving part, the NightStar Magnetic Force Torch Flashlight transforms simple motion into light. When the torch is gently shaken, a high-strength rare earth magnet passes smoothly through a wire coil, efficiently generating electrical energy. A heavy duty capacitor, which can be recharged repeatedly, stores the energy and delivers power to a super-bright white light LED.

Thirty seconds of shaking the torch provides more than 20 minutes of light. In total darkness, NightStar torch will illuminate a 12-foot diameter area at 50 feet.

Buy online from the manufacturers: AOS Technology Ltd