Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

An Eye for an Eye

I was playing football (soccer) last Saturday and went in for a 50-50 challenge for the ball. Somehow the ball ended up ricocheting into my face at full speed, or more specifically my eye. At first I thought it was just another ball-to-face incident like many other except when I opened my left eye, I couldn't see the bottom part of my vision, it was like there was a big black cloud there.

My teammates had a look and said it looked like my iris was filling with blood so I should go to the First Aid staff at the Sports Centre. This I duly did, but you know that when the First Aider takes one look at your eye and goes "Blimey", you know you're in for a rough time. I get a ride to the A&E at the hospital from one of the team and by this point I have lost almost all vision - I can react to light, but can't make out my hand moving in front of my face.

I was seen remarkably quickly.. I reckon I was admitted at about 3pm, seen by the triage burse at 305, seen by a doctor at 4pm who then transferred me to the Eye Infirmary Unit down at Sunderland, where I had to wait for another half hour, before being seen.

Basically, the impact had "stunned the pupil" and caused inflammation: irisitis - but there was too much "going on" to see the back of my eye clearly - think of it like a snow globe with the inflammation being the snowflakes. I was given orders of strict bed rest and to come back on Monday. And he meant strict bed rest... said I shouldn't even cook, and that I should sleep sitting upright so as gravity can work on the inflammation (again, think snowglobe). This proved to be easier than I expected, but also meant that I developed a quite impressive case of 'numb bum' which lasted for the following days!

I was also given eye drops, one of which acts against the inflammation, is steriod based and prolonged use of which can lead to "the growth of organisms" and the other is used to dilute my pupil and paralyse the focusing muscles, giving me fuzzy vision and a really pretty scary look!

Overall though, no permanent damage, I have to go back on Monday to get the all clear. People have said that it shows football is dangerous and I should stop, but if you think that the odds of that ball hitting me in the eye are thousands to one, then I will be safe for another thousand encounters, right?