Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Always read the small print

I know some of you will probably have read my latest news update and thought "WTF does he think he's doing! Is he crazy?" which is really fairly understandable. So I thought I'd explain a little further:

I was always hoping to move back to Canada after I finished here in Durham and as I've just found out my contract runs out this November instead of next, now seems a good time to leave.

I've known my girlfriend for over a year now, and it's really been a case of slowly working up to an actual relationship, so I'm not rushing into things really.

Moving to Montreal is really not that big a step since I know the city incredibly well, and am already well established over there, it's not like stepping into the void.

And hell, whenever I think about all the good times I've had 90% of them have been in Montreal.