Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal


A while back I wrote a very cryptic and secretive post about being let down by a friend, but I never extrapolated on the details as I was told in confidence. Anyway, basically on the back of being told, I had to make a judgement call between whose word was stronger and I ended up cutting off communication with my friend without saying why, to no protest from them.

However, now it looks as though what I was told may not have been as true as first thought - through no fault of the person who told me. This is good news all round, since the bad thing didn't happen and my friend is in the clear so we can be friends again. The question is, if they don't know that I cut off contact for a specific reason and I was wrong to do it, should I apologise for it? Is honesty the best policy, or is it more a case of what they don't know can't hurt them?

The problem I'm having is that because I was never able to confront my friend, I never really got to hear their side of the story and so I feel like I was a bad friend. And maybe explaining everything would mean that they would not want to be friends with me afterwards.