Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

So just how far is "long"

Having recently successfully managed to attract girls who either live in, or are immediately destined to live in, places different to myself, obviously the question of long-distance relationships has raised its head.

The question is, just what makes the relationship long distance? I think a key could be the use of the word "long" rather than say "far". It's not so much the number of miles, as the time it would take to cover those miles and also the regularity with which the trip could be made. The emphasis is more on the time rather than the distance right?

I mean, is there much difference between a girl living 100 miles away as opposed to 500 if you don't have a car? In fact, isn't 10 miles just as inconvenient? Of course, I guess some people would prefer only ever being able to see their partner on a weekend and be free the rest of the time to spend with their friends etc.

I've done long-distance twice and pretty much both times it didn't work. It wasn't so much that we couldn't handle not seeing each other, more like when we did get back together, it wasn't the same. Perhaps that is just cos we were younger and less settled than now, so maybe as you get older it gets easier to do?