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Best Game Ever

I apologise in advance for any lost hours that are a result of this post. When I was a kid, I played on my ZX Spectrum +2 computer, which grew archaic until finally computer companies stopped producing games for it. However, due to the inherent graphics constrictions some of the most wonderfully playable games emerged, and one of my favourites was Chaos. And now I've found it online!

It's so simple, 2-8 wizards with a random selection of spells all on the same screen. Each wizard takes it turn to cast a spell, usually to summon a creature, so that they can then go and kill all the other wizards. So simple, so easy, so good.

The webpage is here, it's an inbuilt Java version of the game.

A few extra tips:
Use "S" to cast your spell, not 0 (zero)
Use "K" to cancel
Creature spells must be cast next to you, distance spells need line of sight
Illusion spells always suceed, but any wizard can disbelieve your illusion out of existence
You attack by moving into the square adjacent to the target - not to the square of the target itself
Flying creatures can attack from long range
Undead creatures can only be attacked by undead, magic weapons or attack
Cast Gooey Blob and Magic Fire early for maximum effect.

All we need is online multiplayer and I'd die happy.