Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Silence of the Lambs

Since it's now officially summer, what with the clocks changing and all, the weather has been much nicer so I decided to go on a bike ride. The local council has produced some quite extensive maps of the area with all the cycle routes marked making it quite easy to find a decent ride.

My route took me back past the place where I went to the surely illegal forest party/rave, out into the middle of the countryside and farmlands. Unfortunately, despite the track being well marked on the map, it is not always the same in real life and I soon found myself riding down a tractor track in a farmer's field surrounded by sheep.

Not a problem, the sheep are miles away and the path continues at the end of the field. Alas no, I continued to skirt round the perimeter of the field before having to go through a gate into another sheep-filled field. Except this time the sheep were directly in my path. And not just sleep, there was a group of about 10-15 lambs standing in my way.

So I try and inch my way forwards not wanting to startle them, nor scare them, trying to show I'm not a threat. Every ewe is staring at me and they start bleating to their lambs. This makes every other sheep in the field and the adjacent one, start to bleat. Crap! I checked round to see if there was a ram hanging around anywhere that wanted to assert its authority or if the farmer's attention had been raised by all the noise!

Luckily, I saw neither, and eventually the lambs moved out the way and I was able to continue on my journey. I never thought I would have to worry for my safety because of sheep, but they looked pissed!