Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Life is dangerous

Statistics from the UK's health service of injuries in the past 12 months (n.b. this includes injuries abroad which require treatment at home):

451 people stung by hornets
46 bitten by venomous snakes and lizards
24 bitten by rats
15 injured in contact with a marine mammal
2 people bitten by centipedes
1 attacked by an alligator

54 people struck by lightning
37 victims of "volcanic eruption"
25 injured in "catacylsmic storms"
12 suffered from avalanches
7 were victims of earthquakes.
107 were exposed to "unspecified forces of nature".

4 victims of noise exposure,
4 of vibration
40 from contact with a high-pressure jet.

22 incidents involving the "ignition or melting of nightwear"

But falls made up the bulk of the A&E admissions:

119,203 suffering "unspecified" falls
24,475 falling from stairs and steps
12,042 involved the bed
7,114 fell from a chair