Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Art imitating Life

One of my friends, currently between jobs, has created a baseball team for his PS2 game made entirely out his friends. This is cooler than it sounds, especially given the details it is possible to go into. For example, here's the press release from his acquisition of me:

Labatt Park, MTL - The Expos added some depth in the infield in their recent aquisition of Paul Berry. Paul came over to North America from the Scottish Pro Baseball league where he led the Glasgow Glovers to the pennant last year while hitting .311. He will add a much needed boost to second base with Moose Amin going hitless through the first 2 games.

Paul Berry - An athletic 6'0" 191lbs 2nd baseman is a utility player picked up to fill in for any player in a slump. He is fairly fast and can hit the ball well off righty or lefties with his switch hitting Vladimir Guerrero batting stance

After 3 games I'm currently batting 0.364 (4 for 11) and 1 RBI. Solid.