Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Montreal thoughts

As I have been explaining in the comments of my previous post - I visit Montreal fairly often as I used to live there but have now returned to my UK homeland. Usually when I go back there, I feel like I'm home again but this time I felt rather disconnected from the city. Instead of the streets seeming really familiar, I just noticed all the changes; all of a sudden it wasn't MY Montreal.

This made me a little sad but it could be down to the fact that Easter is not the ideal time to visit; it was the start of the thaw which meant the city looked very dirty from all the saltstains as the snow melted away and you could smell all of the winter's frozen dog shit as it defrosted.

Still, Montreal has never really been a pretty city, more of a rough diamond, it's attractions lie elsewhere in its culture and vibrancy. Maybe it was just cos I felt like I was out of touch with things the city seemed foreign to me.

Also, I think living in a tiny place like Durham meant I was perhaps a little overwhelmed by the size of the place - which is a first for me since I'm a born and raised city-boy. I think I readjusted by the end cos when I arrived back here in Durham and was walking back to my place from the train station, I was a little shocked by how small and pokey I found it. I guess I've pretty much made my mind up to leave here, great job or no great job.

I'm not sure where I'd go, I think I'm getting the itch to leave this island again though. World, you have been warned!