Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Zoom Airlines Suck

You may remember that I had a pretty shocking trip home from Canada at New Year. After various trials and tribulations it looked like things were getting sorted out; my second item of luggage made it back to me after 3 weeks! And it had been through the mill, it was almost black, one end of the tube had fallen off and it was ripped in the middle. Still everything inside was still in pretty good nick so I can't bear too many grudges. Of course, had it had anything important or that I needed inside it would have been a different story.

I eventually got a reply from Zoom wherein they apologised for the delays and absolved themselves of all responsibility of meeting their stated schedule and the baggage problems. That's fair enough, they can't control the weather and they don't employ the handlers.

However, my main peeve with them was their failure to assign me the extra legroom seat that I'd paid for. Basically the seating plan on their website was for a different make of plane than actually flew, hence the extra legroom rows had changed. But according to Zoom, the fact that I was still in the same row AND had an aisle seat meant that they were not gonna refund me. I was pretty shocked at this and am distinctly unimpressed. So I've sent them a bitchy letter of which they'll hopefully take more notice.

I'm pretty much going to carry through my threats by not recommending anyone fly with this company and I know that I'm pretty much gonna look at them as a last resort, even if they may cost less than the major carriers. Hell, even Air Canada are better than them!

Although saying that, they may be able to bribe me enough to return, it all depends on their next response...