Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Who let the dogs out?

One of the weirdest things about my new commute to work is that the bus route passes a notorious "dogging" site. For those of a non-UK vocabulary, below is a defintion pasted from the Swingers Heaven website:

Dogging is a predominantly British activity that involves outdoor exhibitionism in car-parks, wooded areas and the like. The term dogging originated in the early Seventies to describe men who spied on couples having sex outdoors. These men would 'dog' the couples' every move in an effort to watch them. When the swinging scene discovered that open-air sex has its own special thrill they began meeting in car-parks, and the doggers found a new and rich supply of voyeuristic fun.dogging - woodlands Moreover, the doggers soon realised that these couples were actively encouraging them to watch, even performing for them, and sometimes allowing them to join in.

At first I thought it a little strange that I always saw cars there but I assumed there'd be a footpath and people would be walking their dogs and such. However, I soon realised there was no path and I even overhead someone talking about it in the pub (so it must be true). It's really quite creepy to pass the layby at any point of the day and see cars there pointed nose-to-nose.