Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal


Not much to report from my point of view, although I did kind of, sort of send something, except it was practical rather than romantic, won't have arrived yet, wasn't for V-Day and is to a girl with whom it's almost impossible be with.

On the other hand, Neil, who was staying with me for the weekend, does have a girlfriend and did need to send her something since they live apart. Except he'd forgotten. Uh-oh.

Still, undeterred on Saturday morning and feeling a little worse for wear, we set out into town and found a card shop, which was absolutely heaving. I felt rather smug at not having to fight my way through the crowd to choose between a bunch of awful cards. So, he eventually chooses one and we then spend a good half hour chasing over Durham trying to find the latest pick-up from a postbox. Unfortunately we'd missed Saturday's post, but there was a collection on the Sunday. I wonder if it made it in time?