Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Today is the first day of...

... the new bus route. Normally I get the X1 bus to work and it costs me 1.60 each way, but I often just buy a weekly pass for 18 quid to save the hassle of me needing money every morning and afternoon. The university runs a free bus service, the X11, out to another campus and it bypasses my new work site. At our request, the bus company (after having already diverted the X1) agreed to divert the X11 and allow university staff to use the service for free from my work.

So this morning, after waiting for the X11 which somehow in the space of 3 stops (from the bus station to my stop) had made itself 15 minutes late. I get on and wait until we approach the turn-off to my work. I ring the bell to remind the driver in case he's forgotten he needs to turn, but to no avail as he drives straight past. Bugger.

I tell him that he's supposed to turn at the previous junction because the route has been altered, but it's all news to him. Fair play, not his fault. However, he refused to let me off at any intermediate points and since it's an express service the closest stop was a 20 minute walk from my work. Marvellous. Needless to say I won't be waiting for the X11 bus for the trip home.