Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

My Hogmanay

It was really good, for seemingly the first time in ages. I had no big plans, just heading over to a friend's place who was having a party. My old roommate Phil came over in the evening, we hung out, drank a few beers and decided to head off to the party at around 10pm! The party was quite chilled, I didn't know many people but it was friendly. It was soon midnight and after everyone had wished everyone else happy new year, I managed to get everyone singing Auld Lang Syne, though I was the only one who knew the words. I even managed to get everyone in a circle with everyone's arms crossed and holding arms, like you're supposed to!

After a while, Phil headed off to another party, and I stayed behind and got talking to Sam and a few of his friends who were heading off to another party in a loft in the Old Port. It sounded like fun, and I felt like going to a more lively venue so I decided to go with them.

So we jump in a taxi and when we get to the right place, there's people everywhere - this is a BIG party. In the end it was being held in some sort of studio - a massive place on the second floor of what looked like a warehouse or factory. It was 20 bucks in, and not alcohol allowed to be brought in. Inside there was graffiti everywhere - it looked pretty neat. There were two HUGE rooms, one playing hip-hop, one playing dance music. It was sweet. We stayed there until about 4:30 at which point the police showed up and shut it down! Always the best way to end a party. We then went back to
Sam's friends place and chilled out listening to some tunes.

I've got some good photos, so check them out.

I do wonder if the reason I had a good time is that I didn't end up completely hammered by midnight and thus don't end up passing out on my friend's doorstep (2001/2), ruining a good friendship by going too far (02/3) or crushing my hand in a door (03/4). Then again the two years before them I wasn't drunk enough - maybe it's all about getting the right balance.