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Scotland win the World Cup...

... of elephant polo!?!! Taken from The Guardian website - I've highlighted certain sections that warrant attention

The Scottish squad returned triumphant yesterday after a week-long tournament in Nepal. They won 12-6 in the final of the Tiger Tops Challenge against hot favourites, National Parks of Nepal.

Scotland has had an elephant polo team since 1983 when the sport, now registered with the Olympics, was co-founded by a Scot, James Manclark. The world championships have been staged every year since in the Royal Chitwan National Park. The Scots have taken part almost every year and last won in 2001.

The squad captain, the Duke of Argyll, said the trophy was a much-needed sporting accolade. "We're ecstatic at bringing the world cup back to Scotland. With this victory, no one can deny Scotland are one of the world's sporting heavyweights."

The game is played on a large pitch with two teams of four. There are two 10-minute chukkas with a 15-minute interval. Elephants and ends are changed at half time. It is a foul if an elephant lies down in front of the goal or picks up the ball with its trunk.