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Modern Music

This WAS meant to be a continuation of my previous post where I complained about the new Copy-Controlled CDs that are on the market, but Blogger decided to wipe that post (I smell a conspiracy). Anyway:

Death of the album?

I was just in the pub and we were talking about how we listened to music now. Me, I use my PC as a jukebox, and usually load all my songs into winamp and hit random. If I'm in the mood for a certain song I can find it easy, and technically if I want to hear an album, all the songs are in order so I just find the opening track and listen sequentially.

It means that it's very rare that I will actually sit down and listen to a CD now. But the thing is, albums are, or at least were, produced to be listened to in one sitting. The mp3 randomisation has pretty much killed that off, and as buntz pointed out in the previous post's comments, it's very rare you DL an entire album (unless you've already heard it).

So does that mean the format of the album is dead? Are they just going to become complilations of songs chucked in any random order, or more probably in descending order of merit?

Of course, I still like to listen to an album every now and then, especially if it is a good one where the sequence of the tracks heightens the individual songs. But will the new IPoD-bred generation realise this?