Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Mind over matter

Does anybody else get pretty freaked out by deja-vus? Normally I just shrug them off, but today was really weird. I mean, I've read they're caused by your mind mis-allocating the time to what you see (basically instead of filing it as current it puts it in the past with your memories) - so although you're seeing it, your brain thinks you saw it at a certain time before. And I know it happens to me a lot more when I'm tired or am sleeping badly. So it essence there is no psychic aspect to it; I have not previously seen the future.

But today I'm working at my desk and recognise a deja-vu happening. I go through the usual process - thinking it looks familiar, 'remembering' it, knowing what I'll see when I turn my head.

And it's the last bit that gets to me. As I was in the 'remembering' stage, I 'KNEW' I had an e-mail waiting for me before I turned to look at the screen. And sure enough there it was. Ha! So how could I know BEFORE I turned?

I also 'knew' that the e-mail would be from Doug - it was a feeling so strong I would have wagered heavily on it. The same intensity as the feeling that I knew the e-mail would be there. But alas, it wasn't from Doug.

Oh well, back to square 1.