Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

A weekend of extremes

Very strange weekend. Got very drunk on Friday and things got a little out of hand:
- I got gored by a mechanical bull; I fell off and it headbutted my knee as it continued to turn. Still I lasted 21 seconds, 4 more than Tim and 18(!) more than Chris
- I beat Tim at unhooking his girlfriend's bra with one hand (a skill, to be fair, every guy should master)
- Snuck on to the battlements of the Castle after having blabbed our way past the "security." In truth, this meant saying yes when they asked if we were part of Castle College.
- Ate the most sinful thing at the end of the night: donner meat and chips. Ugh! So nasty. But I loved it at the time.

Needless to say I was extremely hungover the next day - I think I felt more or less back to normal at around 3pm, but still felt pretty bad! Spent most of the day reformatting my hard drive and installing Windows XP. Hasn't really made it any faster though.

Then in order to compensate for my lazy Saturday, I was up at 8am on Sunday, played football at 10am - we lost 6-3 in the cup, but it was hardly a true reflection of the game - then after lunch played some pick-up in the afternoon.

Normally the pick-up match is pretty friendly, there are wildly different skill levels on show and sometimes the challenges can get a little, well, meaty. But not through malevolence, just through bad timing. Anyway, within about 10 minutes there'd been a slight flare up - a few harsh words were exchanged after Frankie felt he was kicked. Then 10 minutes later Frankie comes to blows with another player (who certainly didn't do it deliberately). It was very surreal.

Then just as things had calmed down, another two players start shouting at each other - I thought they were joking at first, making fun of the situation to try and defuse the tension, but nope, 10 seconds later they were wrestling onthe ground. I have no idea why the atmosphere was so charged, maybe it's a full moon soon or something.