Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal


Either I'm psychic or a stunningly good judge of human character and behaviour, but as mentioned in my previous post, when I called Carla to offer her the room, she was no longer interested. Weird huh?

Of course, then on Friday I get a text from Alan saying HE doesn't want the room either and now we're left with Maria or nothing. Which is annoying, cos she was prob the only one that we would have ruled out. Now we're stuck in a quandry, but I think we're gonna swallow the pill of splitting December's rent and hold out until we get someone we're happy with.


You wouldn't think it was possible to repeat the "Love Albatross" text message episode, but I did last Friday. It was a very bad mistake - a different message this time though, but along the same lines. Never, ever again.