Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Spick and Span

Last night I spent almost the entire evening cleaning the house - it probably took me about two and a half hours. It didn't help that I had to do it all by myself but what-the-hey. It's not that the house was that messy, but it'd been a while since everywhere had been vacuumed etc. The reason for the sudden surge of home pride is that we've got people coming round to see if they want to rent our soon-to-be-spare room.

We've got four people coming in total, 3 girls and 1 guy and all the girls are coming tonight. So I have Maria at 6, Penny at 7 and Carla at 8. I almost feel like a gigolo trying to schedule them - not that it's the end of the world if they meet, but it'd be easier to deal with one at a time. The guy comes round on Thursday, but honestly if one of the three girls expresses an interest, he's pretty much a dead duck.

Stay tuned for tomorrow I'll divulge more details on our prospective co-tenants and will be looking for opinions on who to share with.