Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Oh Boy!

Last night was great. Got home knackered after football training, but didn't have to bother cooking since I had the remains of last night's dinner left, and then I settled on the couch to watch my latest purchase: Quantum Leap Season One Box Set DVD.

I'd preordered it a few weeks ago and as soon as the launch screen loaded and I heard the great theme music (no, seriously, it's a classic, up there with The A-Team and MacGyver) I got a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I don't know if it was the show itself or the nostalgia or reminding me of watching it as a schoolboy, but it made me real happy.

Also, I had never seen the first episode, nor the second (Air Force Test Pilot, Baseball player and English Lit Professor - who breaks into Watergate, I love those little links). It was a little rusty, you could tell they hadn't really fully embraced the concept yet and the Sam and Al chemistry wasn't quite there. But it was still brilliant.

Problem is I only have 8 episodes left, and Season 2 only comes out next year!