Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Makin' with the Freak Freak

I got an e-mail from my buddy Doug on Monday morning saying he'd just bought tickets to go and see the Beastie Boys in Glasgow in a couple of weeks and that I should do the same. I checked the ticket site and it said availability was good, so I decided to wait and see if anyone of my local friends wanted to go.

In the end no-one did, so I went online to buy myself a ticket in the standing area on Tuesday morning only to find they'd all sold out. There was still "good" availability left in all the seating - but who'd want to go and see the Beastie Boys and be stuck in a seat??? I called the venue to check it wasn't just the internet tickets that had sold out, but no, they were all gone. They said I could call back and check for returns a day or two before, but I decided I wouldn't want to chance that.

So what was I to do? I know, I'll check e-bay. Sure enough, 30 seconds later I find 3 auctions for tickets and one BuyNow. Quick as a flash I buy the instantly available ticket, pay the same price (admittedly, but i'm not looking to save money), don't pay the booking fee (yay!) but of course have to pay postage (boo!). In the end, it costs me £1.50 extra, of which only 75p is profit to the seller!

My ticket arrived yesterday - earlier than Doug's when he bought it online! I'm pretty stoked, though I realise it'd be a good idea to pick up their new album before I go!

Giggidy Giggidy?

I get the bus to and from work and my work is stuck out in the middle of nowhere: it's a technology part on the edge of a town. This means there's no through-traffic and the bus stop is pretty much isolated from anywhere else. This Tuesday night I'm standing at the stop and a yellow Porsche drives past in the opposite direction. 5 minutes later it comes back and stops just next to the bus stop.

This happens quite often; people check their mobiles before turning onto the busy road, or are lost and checking the map. I assumed it was the latter since the car had already passed me once. As I look towards the car, it reverses towards me, and the window goes down, 'probably wanting directions', I think. Instead the woman inside asks me if I'm going to Coxhoe (the nearest town/village northward). I reply that I am, since my bus passes that way. She then offers me a lift. I decline saying that I have to continue on to Durham anyway, so it's easier to get the bus. She says ok and drives off, and the bus arrives 30 seconds later.

So now thinking about it, a woman, driving alone, offers a lift to a male stranger who she can hardly see at night? Doesn't sound like the smartest thing to do in the world. Was she being super-kind or was she after something else...?