Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Four more years?

So Bush won, as expected. I can't say I'm even that disappointed since from an international point of view there was hardly any difference between Kerry and Bush (both pro-war, pro-Israeli). There may have been a goodwill shift towards the US if Kerry had won, but nothing concrete, and you never know just how the terrorists would regard a change in leadership.

But at least the race was conceded early, and at least he won the popular vote. Voter turnout was high as well so it does look like the system has recovered from the bashing it took last time round. Although, the electoral college system looks like it needs a shake-up - is it not skewed to the South because they claimed the slaves as population despite the fact they couldn't (didn't?) vote?? (don't hate me, my American history sucks)

Domestically is where the real difference will probably be felt, which didn't seem to be the main focus of either campaign. To be honest, if I was an American it would worry me slightly because I believe that 3 Supreme Court Judges are due to retire in this next presidential term, and guess who appoints them? Since these judges are actually the highest authority in the land (I think), they will shape US policy and law for probably the next decade. And we all know what sort of people Bush will want - my advice, if you're gay and wanna get married, do it quick!