Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Dream Job

At coffee we got talking about which of our friends had the best job. I thought of a few:

LSC has a job managing the creation of computer games and has been working with the creator of Kick-Off, Dino Dini.

Nika works in advertising

Grigor designs suspension systems for racing car teams (not quite F1, but close)

Of course, all these jobs sound good but the downsides can suck - long hours, high stress, bad location and so on. Take my job: one of the "perks" is going to the telescope sites to install the new equipment. This means places like Chile, Hawaii and the Canary Islands and everyone thinks it's a jolly. Alas the work environment at the sites is high altitude, 0% humidity and 18 hour days. Not fun.

However, the winner was Pete's friend who went to art college and now works designing the action figure (i.e. doll) Action Man's (GI Joe's) guns.

Any more entrants?