Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Decisions, Decisions

So the three potential housemates we met last night all of whom are interested in the room:

Maria: Irish, 29, nice lass, probably quite quiet, won't cause any mess

Penny: Greek, 20-sthg, drop-dead gorgeous, quite shy, came round with boyfriend/brother/husband in tow who did all the talking. She's desperate to find somewhere as she's already started work.

Carla: Scottish but emigrated to Australia at 12, again 20-sthg. Attractive, lively, sociable, already lives in Durham.

Of course we have another guy looking at the place tomorrow, but unless Alan from Ireland turns out to actually be Alanna from Sweden, he doesn't have much of a hope really.

As you may have picked up from the descriptions, it's down to Penny and Carla, and I'm leaning towards Carla. I just think she'd add more to the house than Penny would (although Penny would certainly make it prettier). I just feel really bad cos I could see that Penny was desperate - she'd already looked at other places and hadn't found anywhere nice - whereas Carla is just moving out of her current flat to save some money.

One thing that did surprise me is that I didn't have to 'sell' the property and the room more. It's quite a pokey little room, and Rob hasn't done it any favours: the furniture is badly arranged and he hasn't got any personal touches in it. However, all 3 of our 'interviewees' seemed to like the place instantly. Of course, maybe this was more to do with them jumping at the chance of sharing with such suave and sophisticated bachelors.