Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal


Played football on Sunday morning - pissy weather and only 11 players i.e. no subs. We make it out to the pitch and start badly, 2-0 down after 30 mins. So trying to get involved in the game (I hate right wing) I decide to jump for a ball. As I jump I get nudged in midair and I come down off-balance and land right on the side of my right foot and hear a crunching sound.

Funnily enough, I didn't feel the pain at first, but I've injured my ankles before and I knew what was coming. So I called out, and then the pain hit. OK, it's no childbirth but dammit it hurt! I really thought I'd broken it this time, but slowly the pain subsided and I was able to move it.

It did mean that I then had to go and spend a fun 2 hours in Accident and Emergency waiting to see a nurse to see if I needed an X-ray. Luckily it seems to be just a sprain and I've been given some painkillers and told to rest it. It feels surprisingly good compared to when I injured my ankle last time.

That time I was in Montreal and had no health insurance and thus wasn't about to go to hospital when I wasn't 100% sure it was broken. It wasn't as bad as that time as I only turned my ankle rather than landing on it. Still, it took a long time to heal, and I'm sure there's a bit of bone sticking out where it's not supposed to be now!

Anyway, the real downside to all this is that I'm supposed to go to the Beastie Boys at the weekend, and I made a special effort to get a standing ticket (oh, the irony!). This is all in doubt now, I guess I could just pop the painkillers or stand at the side or something....