Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Another year, another day of drunken carnage

This weekend meant the return of the now seemingly annual trip to Glasgow to partake in the Subcrawl. For the ill-informed the Subcrawl involves buying an all-day ticket for the circular Glasgow Underground rail system and taking a drink at the closest bar to each of the 15 stops.

This was my second year of attendance, and the first had proved to be a most amusing adventure. I was looking forward to this for months. I'd invited my friends from Durham who all initially sounded quite keen, but as soon as they had to make good on their promises, no-one followed through. Whether it's the amount of drinking, or the fact it's in Glasgow that puts them off I don't know. Wimps, the lot of them.

As the day approached it emerged that numbers were rather down from the previous year and that most of my friends wouldn't be doing it. It started to become a little daunting, and I was seriously considering giving it a miss. But I stuck true to my guns and turned up at midday in the city centre.

Overall it was a good day - it had lost a little of its novelty value but this did mean you got flashbacks to the previous year. I also seemed to be more sober for longer this time. However, due to the lack of many good friends I probably didn't have as good a time. I did finish, and I was home in bed before midnight and woke up feeling no different than a normal night out - better than several as I wasn't mixing drinks.

There weren't quite as many highlights but here are some anyway:
- being told that I was "manners personified" by some old guy in the pub when I asked him to move so I could walk past him. I dunno why, but I'm really rather proud of that
- LOTS of fancy dress
- Chris who was dressed like Frankenstein and painted green, staggering around the city centre in character whilst an evangelist with a microphone shouted about wickedness and foolish men. We made him stop!
- getting official confirmation that I'm a "good guy" (and thus have gained social acceptance)
- meeting Michael's Norwegian girlfriend who confirms my theory that all Scandi girls are gorgeous, cool and super-friendly.