Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

So Long Expos

And so the Montreal Expos played their last ever game in the city - which I believe ended in a suitable 9-1 loss to compound their miserable season.

I did my part, I went to games - I went to unimportant ones as well as during their run towards the playoffs two? years ago and I don't even like baseball. But a team that continually has its stars traded by the owners, has no TV deal, has to pay players in US dollars, plays in the MASSIVE Olympic Stadium, which is indoors and astro-turf (who wants to be inside on a summer's day in Montreal?) and only generates $6.8m (US) of income a year is never gonna succeed.

The moving of the club to Washington DC has aroused a lot of emotions in Montreal the rest of Canada who mainly seem to be criticising the Montreal public for not giving enough support. You can check out the webpages for all the comments.

Whilst some of the criticism is fair, there does appear to be a lot of over-the-top wild accusations flying around. Most of this centres round the theme that if the Expos had been somewhere else in Canada, they would have been a success. However, I think one glance towards the Blue Jays who whilst trading in the black have small attendances and a worse record than even the Expos, shows that the apathy towards baseball is not a purely Montreal thing - and the Jays even WON the World Series.

But I shall still have two teams to follow in baseball: the Washington Expos (they're apparently keeping the name until the ownership is decided) and whoever-plays-the-Yankees.