Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Not really newsworthy

I've not been up to much recently - or at least nothing new anyway, the usual working away then getting drunk on Friday night. Although this Friday wasn't too bad, and I did get mistaken for the DJ in the club, which I have to say has never happened before. I'm still not quite sure how she thought I could have been the DJ given I was dancing on the floor next to her...

Actually, the end of the night I stumbled in at around 3am and for some unknown reason I switched the radio on before I went to sleep - I dunno what I thought I expected to hear at that particular moment in time. Anyway, it turns out to be the presidential debate and I stayed awake listening to it. I wasn't really very objective nor paying too much attention to the content of the answers, but Kerry sounded much smoother and more confident, whereas Bush, to my ear, stuttered and stammered a lot.

Now I just saw something on the news about Bush wearing a wire???? What gives? I'm sure my American readers know more on this....?

I also watched a couple of movies; Dodgeball and Bubba Ho-Tep, both of which I thought were great, but I think may be an acquired taste. It was weird, I'd seen an article about Bubba Ho-Tep just after I saw it, which wasn't stunningly complimentary. But bizarrely the article managed to reference A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell, which I'd never heard of until I picked it up on the cheap over a month ago.

I played my first game for the staff football team, and we drew 1-1 with one of the university colleges (as close as you can get to a frat - but they're mixed). However, it was also the most obnoxious college, where all the really rich kids go. The players were fine (although one did call himself "The General") but it was their fans who annoyed the shit out of me. They all needed a damn good kicking; they were such uppity little brats. Still, we equalised in the last minute which shut them up anyway (though we prob deserved to win).