Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Internet Withdrawal Symptoms

Back at work and back with a network! I guess they finally repaired the cable late Friday or over the weekend as I finally have connection to the outside world! No more lunchtimes spent socialising, taking walks or playing Freecell! I can escape into my cyberworld with all my fellow bloggers and chunter on about aimless stuff. Like now for example.

Our work was stunningly unproductive - although there is a silver lining - because the software that logs all our phonecalls relies on the network, all our phonecalls last week were free!

Bizarrely, it turned out that I was more productive when I was off sick - I had what is known as "fresher's flu" (I'm guessing) from spending too much time around unhygenic students. But since I actually had internet connection at home, I could actually respond to queries and mails.

Hoots mon! It's Hogmanay!

I guess the other big news is that I've decided what to do for New Years, and it may not surprise you to hear that I'm hitting Canada again. IN my defence, I've never been there at this time of year before, and it sure makes a helluva change from spending it in Edinburgh which is becoming less and less exciting.

So if anyone wants to party in Montreal, or is partying, drop me a line as I shall be celebrating New Year for most of the week between Christmas and the 1st!