Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Familiar Faces

Now that I've been getting the bus every day for a while now, I'm starting to recognise people. For example, there is one girl whom I have christened Pink because she's always wearing some form of pink. Which then got me thinking, I always wear the same hat (my Djugaarden Ishockey beanie which is blue with a flames motif all around the base) so I'm quite distinguishable. I wonder if other regulars have names for me.

Bus rides of memories

I'm always hearing about how smells can evoke memories much more readily than sights. I think the same must be true about sounds - especially music. Loads of songs I have have very strong liasons with particular times and places. Like Nickelback's "How you remind me" to me means sitting on the Aerobus going back to Montreal airport to fly back to the UK for Xmas being thoroughly depressed after having broken up with my girlfriend. Anything by Alpha Blondie means sitting in my apartment with Phil as he played it on his decks. The list goes on.

Of course, since I get the bus everyday I listen to my MP3 player and get bombarded with all of these images floating out from my subconscious. I find this happens worst in the morning ride as my brain hasn't really kicked into gear and the subconscious is still quite active having just woken up. It often means by the time I get to work I'm quite wistful and melancholy. Luckily though I have some D-Natural as well on my playlist which just makes me laugh.

The past comes back or does it?

I was looking through some old archives of mine as I was searching for a particular post and every now and then something else would catch my eye and I'd reread something I'd written. Normally this was quite cool as it would micely refresh my memory. However, there was one particular post which had the following adjoined to the bottom:

I went out to the Cock and Bull to meet Kyle for a pitcher and since he wasn't there I ended up talking to this girl whom I'd met when she was moving in to my old apartment. She was cool - pretty political without being too hippy. We went back to her place to smoke a little and I ended up stumbling my way home at around 4h30!

Now I can't remember this for the life of me!! Not a thing! Can't even work out who she is. It makes me doubt it ever happened but I know I've never made anything up on the site. It's really kind of freaky.

A similar thing happened one new year when I got drunk and left a message on someone's phone. Hearing your own voice without remembering saying it is weird as well - but at least I have vague hazy memories of that and other people who can fill in the blanks.