Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

The dangers of working on a building site

Last Thursday I'm working in my lab and I look out the window and notice that the builders who are constructing the next building in our technology park are moving the fences that mark the edge of the site and are pulling up a big JCB digger. Hmmm... 'why would they be moving the fences?' I was thinking, but thought no more of it.

Upon returning to my office some half an hour later, I notice that my e-mail isn't working. I ask Jun if his is working, and he says that the network is down. No biggie, it happens often enough. So I keep working on something else, and then our boss comes running in telling us to save what we're doing and back-up our data!

It turns out that the guy with the digger had damaged our fibre-optic cable to the microwave mast and he'd also "dinked" the power cable. The safety guy was on his way and if he decided the power was unsafe he'd switch off without so much as a "by your leave."

Thus I no-one at work has access to the internet or the university intranet until Wednesday which has resulted in work almost grinding to a halt. We are know having to rely on things like phonecalls, fax machines and talking to each other in lunch breaks instead of reading the web!

There's more

I arrived at work today to find the front door smashed in, and boarded up. My instant thought was that we'd been robbed since we have a crapload of expensive stuff in our building. But it turns out there was a fire alarm, and the door had been smashed in by the fire department to get to our alarm box. The immediate question this raises is why did they have to smash the door, since if the alarm goes off, all the doors are supposed to unlock automatically???? I don't know if there was a fire, there was no damage though there was a smell of smoke in my lab...

And finally...

I got my first ever business card! And not just one, I think I've got a box of about 1000. So if anyone wants one, just drop me a line. I feel so professional!