Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Coming soon to a brochure near you

Today I had the great pleasure of modelling for our new brochure/information pack/glossy handout (ok, so I have no idea what the photos are for). Of course, it wasn't as glamarous as it sounds. For the first set of pictures I had to get dressed in a bunny suit.

Not the fancy dress type of bunny suit though - a cleanroom suit. This meant wearing a white body suit, a hair cap, safety glasses, a face mask, blue plastic gloves and blue plastic overshoes. Basically, only a tiny, tiny fraction of me was left uncovered (between the glasses and face mask). Sexy huh?

Then I had to stand around in a completely empty cleanroom pretending to take particle counts (I waved around something that looks suspiciously like a Star Trek Tricorder). It wasn't particuarly comfortable either - the suit isn't exactly breathable, and the face mask means the heat from your breath is directed over your face. Lovely.

But I wasn't finished there! I got to be in the shots of the other lab - I guess they figured you wouldn't be able to tell it was the same person in both shots, especially when I have my back turned to the camera. Actually, I was working when she took these, so it is almost an 'action' shot.

If the photos ever make it to the real world, rest assured you can catch them here.