Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal


I'd never been to Asia before and it was hellishly confusing at times. Some things I noted:

- Streets: They have no names. Well, there do, but only the post uses them so you have to navigate by landmarks. The streets themselves have no pavement/sidewalks, cars can park anywhere and all look identical.

- TV: Very strange channels including 2 devoted to Starcraft and Warcraft matches with excitable commentators. Also they show a live version of what looks like Reversi but I think may be Chinese Solitaire. And not to forget Channel34 which at night seems to show nothing but lingerie modelling.

- Kimshi: the national dish. Some type of vegetable, usually cabbage, in a hot, spicy sauce. I'm not a huge fan.

- Language: incomprehensible. By the end I could say hello/good bye: anyong-haseo and thank you: konsomida

I'm sure there are plenty of others which will spring to mind later.