Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Filling in the Gaps

Since I've not posted for a while, I have some good stories to tell.. albeit in a rather condensed form.

Stair surfing

A new sport. Long story short, we were staying at a friends place, we were very drunk and in our sleeping bags. We thought it'd be a good idea to race to the kitchen for some water in our sleeping bags, but we were unsure how to deal with the stairs. Rob decided to use a "magic carpet" and spread a towel out on the stairs and promptly slipped and fell to the bottom. This looked like fun, so we tried again - we both sat at the top of the stairs and pushed ourselves off. It's great fun. Try it. I should point out that I have a big scab on my arm from the friction burn with the wall, so be warned that you travel at some speed.

Mobiles are a bad idea

Same night, me and Rob decided text every girl in our mobiles the same message: "Have me. I'm a love albatross." Bad, bad idea. I've burnt so many bridges - but still, I got a few texts back from people I hadn't spoken to in ages. But I did feel rather sheepish writing the apology texts the next day.

Want to get ahead? Get an accent

As previously mentioned I met a girl within hours of arriving in Montreal, but I must confess the main lure was probably my accent. Indeed, 2 of the 4 girls we met were interested in me, and apparently there was a bit of a fallout and bitchiness over it. Still, I think I made the right choice. Sort of.


There must be some deeper psychological meaning behind the fact that the two girls I've met in the past 6 months that I've really liked, both live in different places to me, thus making a relationship impossible - how do I do it?

Last but not least

I popped my YULBLog cherry last night (YULBlog is a meeting of Montreal bloggers) - I was never able to go when I lived in Montreal as it was always on a Wednesday, but it was cool to see some old friends, meet new ones, and meet in the flesh someone whose blog you read - which is freaky cos although you've only just met you can have really detailed discussion about personal incidents.