Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Fats still rules!

Was out with MJ last night - and we decided to go and shoot some pool at my favourite pool hall, Fats. It was good to be back, they'd spent some money on the place, it had a new sign, they'd fixed the dodgy handrail on the stairs but it was still the sane old Fats. No pretensions, you go there if you want cheap beer, cheap pool and play video lottery. And so we did all 3.

We played an hour of pool and decided to finish our beer by playing some erotic photo hunt on the touchscreen machine. We were of course using the "Belles nanas" option most of the time, though MJ insisted on using the male version a few times. Anyway, we finished our beer, and had another, and another as we tried to get on to the high score table. In the end we had to switch to a hangman like game where we had to guess various erotic film titles or porn stars. We smashed the record and almost filled up the entire high score table cueing celebrations and high fives as we shouted out things like "Confessions of a dominatrix"! and "salami slapper"!

I must confess the weirdest part was when the barmaid asked me when MJ wasn't there if I'd had fun playing the games and whether it had given me any ideas! She was cute too, maybe I should go back tonight...