Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Once again I find myself at a metaphorical crossroads; I know not which way to turn. The cause of this particular dilemma is a haircut. I have 3 options:

1) Let it grow - I have thought about growing it "long" (this is not mullet style long, just longer than a couple of inches) for a while, but always get put off by the in-between stage and get impatient and go for one of 2 options below

2) Get a haircut like I usually do - yawn

3) Shave my head.

I have been veering towards option 3 for a while now, indeed I had pretty much decided and was ready to go on Tuesday night. However, after I'd taken the clippers out I looked in the mirror, and my hair looked good for a change. But part of me thinks that's just the fear of cutting it all off.

I've only shaved it 3 times before - the first time, the day after I broke up with Steph. That was a weird occasion, definitely some sort of outburst of mental anguish there. The irony was that Steph really liked the new cut and wanted to get back together - but then again, she was nuts.

The other 2 have been me cheaping out of haircuts - the main advantages to short hair are that everyday is a good hair day and it's dead easy to maintain. Oooh, I wonder if my scar (scroll down to 21/7: Gang Aft Agley) will show, it wasn't there before.