Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Three things

A Giving Government
When I got home last night there were three letters waiting for me from the Ministre de Revenu de Quebec. Now, not being overly confident in the competence of any government agency I wondered if the same letter had been sent three times. I also had a fear that they'd rumbled me for fudging my return slightly.

But no, inside each envelope was a cheque! Seems that when I'd claimed an adjustment to the previous years' tax return they'd recalculated and I was due some cash! Whoop whoop! More spending money for me when I go on holiday in 2 weeks!!!

Slip of the Tongue
I was talking to my flatmate about parachute jumping - he'd already done a few and he was explaining what happened and how he felt at various points. Apparently, the worst bit is walking out to the plane. He started describing how he messed up the landing and then came out with this pearl of wisdom:

"It's on the landing that people usually get hurt"

Yeah, as far as I know I've never heard of any being scared of the bit between jumping and hitting the ground!! It made me laugh anyway.

Why is it...
...that sometimes after you've been exercising the muscles don't hurt until 2 days layer? It seems to happen more often when I'm fit and/or the muscles are used to the workout. Any ideas?