Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Round and round it goes

Weird, the football season starts here at the weekend. August 7th! Gads, it seems like just last week I was in Portugal at Euro'04. The gap between the seasons seems to be getting smaller and smaller. I think we're approaching football saturation point over here as there's not been a week without football in the headlines this summer.

Makes me crave the more disciplined scheduling of American Football. I just picked up a copy of Madden 2003 - my first Madden game since 92 on the Amiga, and it's moved on just a tad since then. In fact, it's scarily accurate, sending receivers in motion to check coverage, calling audibles when you see a blitz coming and with more button combinations than ever it requires even greater digit dexterity than the good ole one-handed-behind-the-back-bra-unhooker!

At the same time I bought Madden, I ordered a copy of NHL2003 from one of those Amazon resellers, but it's yet to turn up. I contacted them after it didn't arrive and after consulting with the local post office, it's been declared lost in the post and so they sent out another. However, this one also has yet to show... makes me wonder if they're scamming me...