Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Learning the art of BS-ing

On Tuesday I had a meeting with another designer on the project team - of course, this being a massive international project with different bits being done in Germany, Edinburgh, Durham and Oxford, this is no mean feat. It took me all day to visit Oxford, left my house at 8:45am and got back at 0:15am, for a meeting that lasted under 3 hours!

It was supposed to just be a simple straightforward confirmation that our two designs would mesh neatly together. But we all know that never happens - there was quite literally, a hole I hadn't jumped through, and so now I am back to the drawing board now.

What I hadn't planned for was being cornered by the head of the project who wanted a status report on everything we were doing at Durham, which I sort of babbled my way through, not really knowing what stage the other project members were at. THEN, I got involved with another of my superiors, who asked me questions again about stuff I only half knew.

Now, the problem was that this one snowballed because I told him something he wasn't expecting. So we went to see another designer, and he again was surprised by what I was saying. I should point out that I was not 100% sure of my facts! Then as another engineer walked past, they called him into the office, and so now I'm faced with three of them trying to solve a problem I'm not sure exists!! I think I did an OK job, but this could come back to haunt me...!