Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Is August really so special?

Things are getting a little chaotic at work because everyone is taking time off for their holidays - all at the same time. In fact, it's worse because everyone is staggering their holidays.

Me, I go away on my little jaunt round the world in 2 weeks (speaking of which if any readers are in the Boston/Province/Montreal/Vancouver area over the next month, drop me a line) and as such there's quite a lot of work I need to get done before I go. Top priority are to send out designs that can be manufactured while I'm away so I can come back to them all ready to work on.

So the situation is that I'm designing a flex circuit which is going to go between our module of the telescope and the wall of the cryogenic container. Unfortunately, I couldn't start this design as I needed to wait for a mechanical engineer in Oxford to work on it to tell me the routing and the length of the flex . He did this just before he left for a 2 week holiday, and left me a fairly rudimentary sketch from which I'm having to guess dimensions.

He gets back next week, and I leave the week after, which leaves a very small window of oppurtunity for us to meet (in Oxford, so scratch another day of my time) and make sure that my design will actually fit. Of course, at the same time, at the other end of the flex I need to confirm some details about how the flex attaches to our module but OUR mechanical designer is away, also until next week.

All this leaves me, trying to predict what's going to happen and get some groundwork done before I have to pull stupid hours next week in order to try and finish the job before I leave. So I'd best get back to it.