Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Best Day of Your Life?

I got my hair cut this morning and was chatting away to the hairdresser and we started talking about music. She was waxing lyrical about Keane, and how their album was really good, and then she said that her favourite artist was Bryan Adams. I chuckled at this, and she went on to describe how she'd seen him four times, but his recent stuff wasn't very good.

I asked if she liked Bon Jovi and she said she loved him - again, the earlier stuff, Slippery When Wet etc. Then she told me that she went to see him recently in concert and it was amazing. Absoultely brilliant - one of the best days of her life, right up there with getting married and having her baby boy! Quite a recommendation!

For another alternative opinion, you could always watch Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog's interview with the band